These requirements aren't anything exotic—basically, a computer with a modern web browser and high-speed internet is all you need! Sometimes students have trouble using Populi, our instructional delivery system, because something on their computers is out of date or their Internet connection isn't fast enough.

A Modern, Updated Web Browser

Here are the browsers we recommend for use with Populi. If a browser is not listed here, don't use it for Populi! Again, always try to use the most recent version possible—as companies release newer versions of browsers, they usually drop support for older versions.

For either a PC or Mac we suggest:

  • Google Chrome is probably the best option if you're using Windows. It's also very good for Mac users.
  • Mozilla Firefox is another good choice on Windows computers (works pretty okay on Macs, too).
  • Apple Safari is great on Macs. Not so much on Windows.
  • Last and certainly least, Internet Explorer. Mac users can't even download it! If you're using Windows 10, they're encouraging you to use Microsoft Edge.

For mobile browsers:

  • iOS Safari does well, as does Google Chrome for iOS.
  • The stock Android browser works, as does Chrome for Android.
  • The Firefox browsers for both iOS and Android aren't problematic.
  • Microsoft Edge (mentioned above) is baked-in to Windows 10 devices and works with Populi; the version of Internet Explorer in Windows 8.1 does alright, too.

High-Speed Internet Connection

Students should have a reliable Internet Service Provider with speeds suitable for streaming video and accessing large files. These speeds are most often delivered by cable, DSL, or satellite. Students with dial-up connections will still be able to use Populi, but please be aware that neither system will operate quickly with low speeds.  Also, dial-up internet connections may be problematic for uploading video for courses such as speech and homeletics.  The minimum average connection speed recommended is 640 Kbps.

Software Needed for Submitting Assignments

All assignments must be composed digitally and turned in through Populi. This will require productivity software like Microsoft Office. Assignments can typically be submitted in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint or WPS (Kingsoft WPS Office which is a free office suite). Students should always check with their instructors concerning acceptable formats before submitting assignments. Most ask for submission as .docx or .doc files.

Software Neded for Lectures

To view lectures it is important for students to have a reliable, modern web browser as recommended above. Populi supports the latest versions of Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Apple Safari. Additionally, some courses utilize Adobe Flash Player technology for lecture streaming, for which a browser plug-in may be necessary. Students will also need to be able to open PDF documents through Adobe Acrobat or other similar software. While the Adobe Acrobat Reader is usually sufficient to view course documents, if you want to have flexibility in viewing and creating documemts we suggest you consider the Student Edition of Adobe Acrobat X Pro or Acrobat Professional DC Student-Teacher Edition.

Creating Video Content for Courses

Several courses require students to produce video presentations. The University will supply the necessary access and instructions to accomplish this task. Students are required to provide the hardware which can include a web cam and microphone. Students will also need software necessary to capture, render and encode their video presentations. Because of the wide range of available video editing software, Living University is unable to provide end-user support for video editing software.

Mobile Devices

An upgraded Populi app is coming soon for iOS that will be able to port to Android as well. A mobile device will not be able to complete all course requirements.  Students will still need regular access to a computer.