Students who enroll in one or more single courses not available through the Open Learning Program, but who do not seek to pursue a certificate, diploma, or degree are designated special (non-matriculated) students. Special students usually are permitted to accumulate twenty-four (24) semester hours before having to meet regular admissions requirements. Any course which is open for registration and does not require a prerequisite may be taken by special students. However, if a student plans to register for a course that requires a prerequisite course, then the student must submit evidence showing completion of this requirement with a grade of "C" or better prior to registering.

Enrollment as a special (non-matriculated) student does not constitute regular enrollment at the University nor does it entitle students to privileges accorded matriculated students such as participation in student activities.

To enroll as a special student, applicants must do the following:

  1. Submit a completed online Application for Admission indicating the desired course number and title.
  2. An applicant who plans to enroll in mathematics and/or English courses must satisfactorily complete the admissions requirements in one of the following ways:
    • Take the appropriate portion of the University's placement test with acceptable scores; or,
    • Provide recorded SAT scores of 500 or higher on the appropriate section (verbal and math); or,
    • Provide a record of a composite ACT score of 21 or higher, or,
    • Submit an official transcript reflecting successful completion of college-level English and mathematics/algebra with a "C" or better.
  3. Prior to registering for a course with a required prerequisite course, please submit an official transcript or other evidence showing completion of this requirement with a grade of "C" or better.

Students seeking to change from special (non-matriculated) to regular (matriculated) status must complete a new Application for Admission and submit all necessary transcripts, placement test scores, recommendations, and the like.