Students who withdraw, fail to register, or are dropped from the University must apply for readmission through the Admissions Office. Former students seeking readmission, who may apply for spring, summer or autumn admission, should complete and file a new online Application for Admission. Former students may apply on-line. Students applying for readmission must also furnish any additional material required by the Admissions Office.

Readmitted students must complete the certificate, diploma, or degree requirements in effect at the time of their readmission. If a student attended another college or university during his or her absence, the student must submit an official copy of all academic work attempted during his or her absence from the University. No decision on the readmission will be made before such information is received.

Students placed on academic disqualification or excluded for disciplinary reasons must fulfill the terms of their academic disqualification or disciplinary sanction before being considered for readmission. Academically disqualified students are not eligible for readmission until at least two terms have elapsed (two consecutive semesters or the summer session and either the following or preceding regular semester) since the end of the term in which they were disqualified. If readmitted, the student will be placed on academic probation and be expected to satisfy the requirements for continuation at the University by the end of the semester. The University reserves the right to deny readmission to any former student who has not complied with previous disciplinary requirements or who has unsettled financial obligations at the University. All of a student's debts to the University must be paid in full.