Individuals who are graduates of home study or non-recognized high schools are eligible for admission under the following criteria:

  1. The diploma is recognized as a high school diploma by the state department of education in the applicant's home state. International applicants who have completed a secondary education by home study ("home-schooled") are considered for admission provided their home study is recognized by the appropriate governmental agency in their home country and the credential granted for program completion is at least equivalent to a high school diploma in the United States.

  2. The applicant's equivalent public high school class has graduated.

  3. They must participate in the American College Testing Program (ACT Plus Writing) including the Writing Test.

  4. Demonstrate curricular proficiencies.

In any case, applicants graduating from home study must provide documentation that the Home School is registered with the appropriate governmental agency. An official transcript must include the following criteria:

  1. Name of the Home School and address.

  2. Name of the principal or headmaster.

  3. Name of the student.

  4. Student's birth date.

  5. Curriculum and courses taken each year with grades and a grade point average.

  6. Cumulative grade point average for total progress.

  7. Credential awarded, usually a diploma, with graduation date.

  8. Notarized seal.