Statutes (Policies)
Regulations (Procedures)
Position Descriptions
Organization Chart

The Board of Regents

Members of the Board

Class of 2017

     Dexter B. Wakefield; Charlotte, North Carolina

Class of 2018

     Martin L. Fannin; Knoxville, Tennessee

     Jonathan W. McNair; Schodack, New York

     James P. Meredith; Matthews, North Carolina

Class of 2019

     Richard F. Ames; Mint Hill, North Carolina

     Stuart Wachowicz; Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

     Douglas S. Winnail, Ph.D.; Matthews; North Carolina


     Gerald Weston; Stallings, North Carolina

Executive Committee of the Board

     Gerald E. Weston, Chair

     Douglas S. Winnail, Ph.D., Vice Chair

     Dexter B. Wakefield

Officers of the Board

     Gerald E. Weston, Chair

     Douglas S. Winnail, Ph.D., Vice Chair

     Michael P. Germano, Ed.D., J.D., Secretary

     F. Thomas Turner, II, Assistant Secretary

The President of the Living Church of God (International) Inc. serves in perpetuity, ex-officio, as the Chair of the Board of Regents. Appointed members of the Board of Regents serve three-year terms. New appointments begin in July each year and at other times as needed. The President of the University serves as an ex-officio member of the Board and all Board Committees with only advisory privileges and is the President of the Corporation. For a current listing of Board members, please contact the President of the University.

University Administration

     Michael P. Germano, Ed.D., J.D., President and Chief Executive Officer

     Scott D. Winnail, Ph.D., Executive Vice President and Dean of Faculty

     Kenneth L. Frank, Jr., Registrar and Director of Admissions

     Michelle R. Broussard, Assistant Registrar

     Peter Nathan, Chair, Theoloy Division

     Howard C. Woodard, Ed.D., Chair, Business and Information Theology Division

     Dorothy McNair, Women's Guidance Counselor

     Douglas D. Lindly, University Librarian

     Lehman Lyons, Purchasing Manager

     Suzanne Pyle, Director of Human Resources

     D. Jerry Ruddlesden, CPA, Financial Controller

     F. Thomas Turner, Director of Legal Affairs and Risk Management

University Committees

Administrative Council

     Dr. Michael P. Germano, Chair

     Dr. Scott D. Winnail, Vice Chair

     Michelle R. Broussard

     Kenneth L. Frank, Jr.

     Douglas D. Lindly

     Peter G. Nathan

     Dr. Howard C. Woodard

University Advisory Committee

     Dr. Scott D. Winnail, Indian Trail, North Carolina, Chair
     Dr. Howard C. Woodard; Dudley, Georgia, Vice Chair
     Gary F. Ehman; Charlotte, North Carolina
     Dr. Jeffrey H. Fall; Folsome, California
     Dr. Richard Franz; House Springs, Missouri
     Clem E. Hilgenberg; Glenpool, Oklahoma
     Paul Shumway; Glebe, St. George, Barbados
     Adam J. West; Flintwick, Bedford, United Kingdom   

Admissions & Financial Aid Committee

     Kenneth L. Frank, Jr., Cochair
     Dr. Scott D. Winnail, Cochair
     Michelle R. Broussard
     Suzanne Pyle
     D. Jerry Ruddlesden

Curriculum Review Committee

     Dr. Scott D. Winnail, Chair
     Kristine M. Ginn, Vice Chair
     Dr. David F. Maas
     Peter G. Nathan
     Dr. Douglas S. Winnail

Learning Resources Committee

     Douglas D. Lindly, Chair
     Peter G. Nathan, Vice Chair
     Kenneth L. Frank, Jr.
     Daniel J. Guidry
     Brittany J. Markgraf
     Travis L. Pate
     William L. Williams
     Dr. Douglas S. Winnail