Coursework Required for a Certificate in Biblical Christianity

Eighteen semester hours of coursework as follows:

THL 135 Life, Ministry and Teachings of Jesus (3 SCH)
THL 136 Acts and the Writings of Paul (3 SCH)

THL 200 Principles of Christian Living (3 SCH)

THL 211 Old Testament Survey I (3 SCH)

THL 212 Old Testament Survey II (3 SCH)

THL 226 Christian Leadership (3 SCH)

To the right is a list of the courses required for completion of a Certificate in Biblical Christianity. The Certificate in Biblical Christianity consists of the biblical foundations core coursework a student must complete for an Associate of Arts (A.A.) or Associate of Theology (A.Th.) degree. This certificate normally requires one academic year (two semesters) to complete on a part-time basis (see Suggested Schedule). Those who plan to complete the certificate over two or more years can take one or two courses a semester. These courses are not available in the summer session.

High school students normally enroll in Early College as sophomores (10th grade) and complete this certificate in three years as follows: Sophomore Year (THL 200 and 226), Junior Year (THL 211 and 212), and Senior Year (THL 135 and 136) as part of their Associate of Arts (A.A.) degree program.

Program Purpose

The purpose of this certificate program is to serve as a general introduction to Christianity and provide a means for high school students to complete the biblical foundations requirement for an Associate of Arts (A.A.) or Associate of Theology (A.Th.) degree.

Program Objectives

On successful completion of this program, a student should be able to:

  • Explain the background, purpose, message, and themes of the Gospels and the significance of Jesus Christ in the first century and beyond;
  • Show the message of Acts and each of the Pauline Epistles and their implication and application;
  • Identify and demonstrate a basic knowledge of practical Christian living;
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the Old Testament and its implication and application; and
  • Demonstrate the qualities of a servant leader in a variety of settings.

Program Prerequisite

This program is open only to regular (matriculated) students and LU Early College students.

Program Requirements

For graduation, a student must have completed a minimum of 18 semester credit hours consisting of THL 135, 136, 200, 211, 212 and 226 with a minimum overall GPA of 2.0 in the 18 semester credit hours applicable to the certificate. A student can not apply more than 15 semester credit hours to a certificate when earned through the Open Learning Program. Generally, it is best for one to apply for admission as a regular (matriculated) student upon deciding on a specific certificate, diploma or degree. See Applying for Online Study or Applying for On-Campus Study.

Program Advisement

Each student entering the Certificate in New Testament Studies program has an assigned adviser who will be available for program advisement and career information. An adviser helps a student create a workable plan to meet his or her educational objectives within a reasonable time period.

Application for Graduation

For the conferring of the certificate students should apply for graduation in the semester they plan to graduate. An Application for Graduation must be filed with the Registrar by midterm for graduation that semester.