Living University students live in many different nations around the world. They come to LU with varying educational backgrounds, interests, and goals. The comments below are a sampling of the positive feedback that we receive every semester from our students.

This is God's school! I recommend it for everyone!
It is an excellent way to learn new or refresh your knowledge of the plan of God.
Anyone who is looking for a more in depth study of the Scriptures should absolutely take a LU class.
Learning to use reference materials, developing the ability to read large volumes of information and capture notes from lectures, discussion forums where I could feed information back to other students as well as the faculty, writing essays to capture what I had learned about a topic, and quizzes followed by exams to make sure I was focused on the right things were all very helpful. The course went well beyond my highest expectations!
The online forum for learning is so accessible and flexible, and university staff are so responsive. There was no such thing as online learning back when I was in college and I would've loved it.
I've always found LU courses interesting, and enjoy the in-depth Biblical study. Because of this, I always highly recommend it.
I am confident in stating that I feel I have learned more of the way of God through Living University than I would have through my own misguided studies. I look forward to feeding on God’s word and feel strangely incomplete between sessions. God has guided those through whom these courses have been laid out. I need the structure provided by them.
One of the biggest things is, it's affordable. Otherwise, it would have been very difficult for me to attend personally. Once again thank you.
So far I've used some of the material in a couple sermonettes, as well as being able to be a first-hand "Ambassador" regarding the value of the course. It was both exciting & rewarding from beginning to end, reminding me of my first exposure to Church literature back in the 1960's.
LU Classes provide the foundational knowledge that God needs in His people. We must fight against the knowledge that Satan offers the world.
This class has been incredibly helpful and refreshing! I feel much more in tune with God's purpose for women and femininity. With this understanding, I see better how I can serve those around me with the inherent gifts He's given me as a woman. It's a completely different mindset than the world teaches. A semester to immerse myself in this mindset has been cleansing and amazingly profitable, and in ways that I did not expect!
I have always been eager to learn more about the teachings of Jesus and his ministry, but this particular online course of the Life, Ministry, and Teachings of Jesus has given me much more than I anticipated.
This class creates in students the habit of slowly and carefully searching and dividing the Scriptures which fulfills what Jesus Christ taught, saying, “I tell you the truth, unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink his blood, you cannot have eternal life within you” (John 6:53 NLT).
The class was all that I did not expect it to be. This class allowed me to see where I stand in my financial planning and what actions I need to take. I did not expect to learn so much.
I have learned so much and was challenged greatly during this course. All the lessons I have learned could not be written in this essay… It was an amazing semester.
The fellowship and helpful guidance of the ministry has allowed for the correction of preconceived notions and false teachings. Difficult scriptures are always so easily explained and the information provided is backed up with sources.
I feel that this course was well put together. It was extremely inspiring to me… I feel that this course has been a true blessing from God for me and my family.
If I thought that a friend would benefit from this class I would encourage them to take the class. I learned a lot and am sure that others can also learn a lot from this course.
I loved this course. There is so much information about the true history of the world and Israel. It opens many avenues of interest for further study.
It was not my expectation to take action in my financial affairs so easily. Taking this course moved me to make many changes.
This course gives an excellent, in-depth overview of the concept of homeschooling. At the end of this class, even someone with no previous experience with homeschooling whatsoever would be well equipped for homeschooling their family.
This course and greatly increased my ability to help serve God's people. I’ve grown up in the church…, been baptized 32 years, a deacon for 8 years and giving sermonettes and splits [sermons] for almost 12 years; yet [this course still increased] my understanding.
I truly appreciate the opportunity to take these LU courses. It's something I've been wanting for many years… The remote capability is the next best thing to being on-site with dedicated focus.
Knowing the physical environs of Jerusalem (I have never visited) made much more of Biblical history come alive.
The information was very helpful and interesting. I spent more time than I would have normally reading things that were related to the course, but not required for the course just out of interest.
Understanding Christian History helps you to appreciate where God's Church fits in history and how events have occurred to shape our end-time world just as prophesy predicts.
After taking this course I realize how important self-evaluation is. I had shied away from listening to myself on a recording but through this course I now see how valuable an exercise it is to listen to and critique myself.
My writing and grammar are improved. This will help me with other Living University courses as well as other writing I undertake.