Tuition, fees and other charges constitute only part of the actual costs of a student's education. The University is supported chiefly by the Living Church of God, which underwrites most of the educational operating expenses and the original cost of the physical plant and equipment. Additional financial support is received by individual and corporate contribution (see Giving to LU).

The University provides various forms of financial aid to assist students in meeting their tuition and other expenses including a Global Development Tuition Reduction program for international students from developing nations (see Residents of Developing Nations) and for students enrolled in the Early College Program. See Financial Aid for information on forms of financial assistance and making the appropriate applicaion.

The tuition and fee rates below are those in effect as of July 1, 2017, and are subject to change without prior notice. The University reserves the right to assess revised tuition as it may determine. The University will publicize any such changes when and if they occur.


Tuition is charged for each of the fall (autumn) and spring semesters on a flat fee basis for a registration of 15-18 semester credit hours and on a semester credit hour basis for a registration of less than 15 hours or for each additional hour above 18 hours. Noncredit course tuition is assessed according to their load value given in parentheses after actual hours. During the summer session, tuition is assessed on a per semester hour basis. The same rates apply to credit and audit hours.

Semester Tuition Charges

        Flat fee basis (15-18 semester credit hours), $ 1,350

        Each semester credit hour up to a total registration of 15 semester credit hours,  $ 90

        Each semester credit hour above a total registration of 18 semester credit hours, $ 90

Summer Session Tuition Charges

        Each semester credit hour up to a total registration of 8 semester credit hours, $ 90


The following fees are assessed when applicable. Auditing students pay the same fees as students who enroll for credit. These fees are subject to change without prior notice. The University reserves the right to assess new fees or increase or decrease existing fees as it may determine. The University will publicize any such changes when and if they occur.

Alumni Association Membership Fee
Annual Individual Membership ...........................................$ 25
Annual Married Couple Membership .................................$ 35

Application for Admission Fee $ 50
Applicants to the University as matriculated students, that is applicants seeking a certificate, diploma or degree, are required to submit an application fee with their Application for Admission. No fee is required for application for readmission or reapplication within three years or for applicants seeking special student status (non-matriculated student status). There is no application fee for Early College (dual enrollment) students even though they seek a certificate.

Graduation Fee $ 75
Graduation fees are payable during the semester the student expects to graduate. Candidates for graduation should contact the Registrar to obtain an Application for Graduation and the current fee schedule. information Technology Fee $35

Information Technology Fee $ 45
A mandatory fee assessed each student each semester to support and enhance information technology resources for students and faculty.

Retest Fee $ 35
Assessed for missing a scheduled Measure of Academic Proficiency and Progress (MAPP) test date without approval of the Registrar.

Returned Check Collection Fee $ 25
If a check is returned from the bank unpaid for any reason, the student will be assessed a collection fee of $25 for each check returned. The student must pay the full amount of the returned check plus the $25 collection fee immediately in cash, cashier's check or money order. In the event of nonpayment of a returned check, one or more of the following actions may be taken: revocation of check-writing privileges, a bar against readmission of the student, withholding the student's grades and/or official transcripts, withholding a degree to which the student otherwise would be entitled, all other penalties and actions authorized by law.

Student Activity Fee (per semester) $ 75
A mandatory fee assessed each Charlotte onsite matriculated student each semester for student welfare and activity funds including the operating expenses of the Associated Student Body. No fee shall be assessed during the summer session.

Student Housing Fee
Double room per month ...........................................$ 263
The fee charged on-campus students for living in University provided housing assessed on a monthy basis. See Student Housing and Food Services for more information.

Transcript Fee $ 5
This is a charge assessed for each official transcript of a student's permanent academic record. Current students may print an unofficial transcript through their access to the E-Learning system (Populi) at no charge. A fee of $0.10 per copy per page is charged for copies of other educational records. See Transcripts.