Students are assigned a classification at the beginning of each semester based on the total number of semester hours accumulated, including transfer credits and degrees earned. This classification determines eligibility where course prerequisites so indicate. Students enrolled in the Open Learning Program are classified as Special Students.

A student who has been formally admitted to the university, usually to a certificate, diploma, or degree program, is said to be a regular or a matriculated student. A student holding a baccalaureate or higher degree is classified as a post-baccalaureate student. All other students are classified as undergraduate students. A student who has not been admitted to the university is said to be a special or non-matriculated student.

Student classifications and the basis for each are as follows:

Classification Criterion
Undergraduate Not holding a bachelor's (or higher) degree
Freshman 0-29 semester hours
Sophomore 30-59 semester hours
Junior 60-89 semester hours
Senior 90 or more semester hours
Special Not admitted to the University
Graduate Holding a bachelor's (or higher) degree
Graduate I Admitted to an undergraduate certificate, diploma, or degree program
Graduate II Admitted to a graduate certificate or degree program
Special Not admitted to the University