Welcome to Online Orientation
at Living University

This orientation is to help you become aware of important policies, procedures and services at Living University, as well as providing you with information that will help you manage your educational career. We encourage all new students to participate in this online orientation program. It should take you about twenty-five minutes.

Proceed section by section. A short quiz concludes each section - the quiz is NOT recorded or graded; it is simply a tool to help you assimilate the information. The answers are provided to further reinforce pertinent information. When you have completed online orientation you will be asked to complete a verification. This information helps us keep track of how many LU students are actually taking the time to finish the online orientation process. We also invite your suggestions as to how we can improve this process.

If you have any questions please contact us at the Admissions Office. Our email address is admissions@livinguniv.com.

Steps to complete orientation:

  • Click HERE to start
  • When done, please complete the verification to show you finished the orientation process.