Each academic year begins with a formal new student orientation for on-campus students including a semi-formal “Freshman Reception” where incoming and existing on-campus students have the opportunity meet LU faculty, administrators, members of the Board of Regents, and leaders of the Living Church of God. This orientation introduces on-campus students to various aspects of campus life in Charlotte.

All students, online and on-campus, are highly encouraged to participate in the Online Orientation program. The intent of the online orientation is to acquaint our students with the University environment, philosophy, purposes, policies, procedures, courses, staff roles and other student issues.

Refreshments at the faculty reception.

Students conversing with evangelist Richard Ames.

Dr. Douglas Winnail greeting students.

The reception is held in the early evening when all are ready to socialize over a good meal.

University Chancellor Roderick C. Meredith conversing with members of the faculty and guests.

The reception was held in Cheryl Manor. Here we picture guests as they arrive.