Leadership is another of LU’s Core Values and is constantly emphasized to our students. All on-campus students are required to participate in a speech lab outside of regular classes, in order to improve their speaking  and communication abilities. Men are required to participate in the congregational Spokesman Club. Women are encouraged to participate in service activities in the local congregation including greeting, hall setup, special music, and most participate regularly. Student are also highly encouraged to participate in planning committees for various University and congregational activities. All students are also required to take the THL 226 Christian Leadership class. Students are also highly encouraged to participate in the Church summer camps where they often serve in the leadership roles of counselor, assistant counselor, activity director and assistant activity director. Work study students are also groomed for leadership in many of the responsibilities and job-tasks that they are given. 


Every other week, on-campus students take part in a Public Speaking Lab where 3-4 students make presentations. Each speech is followed by peer and instructor evaluations to help improve student public speaking skills. (Photo to left, Ryan Dawson; right, Deborah Ross.)