Uptown Charlotte

Redstone Hall is a men’s residence with a game room equipped with a Brunswick billiard table, a study/reading room, and a great room.

University operated cooperative student housing is available for unmarried students in the Beckingham development in Mint Hill for both men and women. There they share accommodations with other students and through this experience build lasting friendships while keeping expenses to a minimum.

Other students may elect to share accommodations with local church member families in the Charlotte area. Some students live with their parents or family in the area. However, when staying with families in the Living Church of God, students are referred to the local Living Church of God congregational pastor for a character reference on the family. The University does not provide married student housing but will work with married students to find suitable housing. The Dean of Faculty works directly with future on-campus students to locate the ideal living situation for each student.

On-campus students should contact the Office of the Dean of Faculty for assistance with finding suitable housing in the local community.

Cheryl Manor

Sheryl Manor is a woman’s residence with an exercise room, a music room with a baby grand piano, a formal dining room, and a living room.

University operated student housing is normally owned and/or leased by the University. It is selected based on multiple criteria including: distance to campus, safety and quietness of neighborhood, home amenities, adequacy of bathroom facilities to number of students, and size of bedrooms and living areas (living room, kitchen, yard). Student safety is paramount when choosing student housing residences.Approved student housing is located in areas deemed “relatively safe” by law enforcement. Housing options where students stay with local families are entirely up to the individual student. Other factors include cleanliness and order, safety and street lighting, privacy and level of noise in surrounding area, access to grocery and other shopping, ample size of room for one or two students along with one bed, a desk and dresser for each student, need for no more than three individuals to share one bathroom, parking for one vehicle for each student and Internet access.

University-operated student housing sites are overseen by the Dean of Faculty and managed on a daily basis by a Resident Assistant (RA). This student is chosen based on age, maturity, character, and reputation as built over his/her experience as an on-campus university student. This RA is typically NOT a first-year student and has experience living on his/her own. This student reports directly to the Dean. The Dean also makes bimonthly site inspections in order to verify housing sites are clean and safe for student residence.