Through our Early College Program, the University offers those high school students who would benefit from accelerated academic instruction an opportunity to get a head start with their higher education by taking online university-level courses while still in high school. For this purpose, we designed and offer the Certificate in Biblical Christianity as a challenge to Christian youth to think critically about their faith. Successful completion of the Certificate in Biblical Christianity fulfills the University's Biblical Foundations Requirement required in its Associate of Arts, Associate of Theology, and Bachelor of Theology degrees. High school students enrolled in this program are automatically enrolled in both the Associate of Arts and the Certificate in Biblical Christianity programs.

  • Enrollment in the Early College Program is open to students enrolled in public and non-public schools (including home schools) to expand their opportunities for educational success through high quality instructional programming.
  • Students may attend beginning with the tenth grade.
  • Admission requires the written permission of a parent or legal guardian for a student to participate.
  • Student participation necessitates parental involvement in, and a parental commitment to, our Early College Program.
  • Parents must agree to participate in parent conferences so that parents and students can make responsible decisions regarding course taking and can track the student’s academic progress and success.
  • There is no application fee for admission for Early College (dual enrollment) students even though they seek a certificate.
  • The rigor of  the  Early College Program requires students to become well-disciplined, goal-oriented, and hard-working - all critical elements in the work ethic.
  • Students admitted to the Early College Program may enroll in lower division courses numbered 100-299 provided they have met course prerequisites.
  • Early College students receive a tuition reduction (discount) so that their net tuition cost is $25 per semester credit hour for courses in which they enroll.
  • Early College students are required to pay the semester Information Technology Fee.
  • The estimated program cost for the Certificate in Biblical Christianity in the Early College Program is $895  ($450 for tuition, $270 Information Technology Fees, and $175 for textbooks).

Through this program a high school student may complete the Certificate in Biblical Christianity  over a period of three years as follows:

Grade First Semester (Autumn) Second Semester (Spring)
10th THL 200 Principles of Christian Living (3) THL 226 Christian Leadership (3)
11th THL 211 Old Testament Survey I (3) THL 212 Old Testament Survey II (3)
12th THL 135 Life, Ministry and Teachings of Jesus (3) THL 136 Acts and the Writings of Paul (3)

High school students who begin this certificate program while in the 10th grade should follow the above schedule, and for this three year program, limit themselves to a single theology course and not more than one elective non-theology (secular) course each semester.

Those beginning the 11th grade should begin with THL 211 and limit themselves to a single theology course and not more than one elective non-theology (secular) course during their junior year. During their senior year they may take THL 135 and 200 in the autumn, and THL 136 and 226 in the spring.

You may access an Early College Brochure for additional information. To enroll in this program, a student must complete an online Application for Admission. To learn more about admission, please refer to the Apply Now page. To speak with a registration and admissions officer (Mrs. Michelle Broussard) call 704-708-2294 or email her at