Living University affirms the rights of students to access their official records, the rights of a hearing if a student challenges the contents of official records, and proper restrictions on release of personally identifiable data without student consent.

Directory information is defined as a student's name, address, telephone number, date of birth, major field of study, dates of attendance, student classification (freshmen, sophomore, etc.), degrees and awards received, photographs and video, and recent previous educational agencies or institutions attended. Students who do not wish any or all of the above directory information released to outside agencies or individuals must notify the Registrar in writing within 10 days after their initial registration. No records, other than directory information, shall be available to unauthorized persons within the University or to any unauthorized persons or groups outside the University without the written consent of the student involved, except under legal compulsion.

The following persons or groups may have access without student consent:

  1. Parents of dependent students.
  2. School faculty and other school officials with legitimate educational interests.
  3. Authorized representatives of federal or state government.
  4. Authorized organizations conducting studies relating to testing, financial aid, or instruction.
  5. Accrediting organizations.
  6. In emergencies, appropriate persons if necessary to protect health or safety of the student or others.

    Students may request permission to review their record(s) in the Registrar's Office. Students questioning the content of their record(s) shall first review the record(s) with the Registrar. Upon written request by the student, a committee appointed by the President shall review all unresolved questions. The final review shall rest with the President of the University. The University reserves the right to require appointments for examination of records should the need exist.