Summer 2017 Class Schedule

Enrollment for the Summer 2017 semester begins on March 15, 2017 and runs through May 23, 2017. If you are planning to be a new student beginning with the summer semester, please submit a completed online Application for Admission to the Admissions Office. Individuals applying for the Open Learning Program provide minimal information. Students with admissions questions should contact our admissions office at 704-708-2294.

There are only two courses being offered this summer session and neither will be available to Early College students due to the accelerated pace of the summer schedule.

An Open Learning student can apply a maximum of twenty-four semester hours earned through the Open Learning Program to a baccalaureate degree, eighteen to an associate degree, and fifteen to a diploma or certificate. Grades earned through the Open Learning Program become part of a student's permanent academic record. For this summer session only we are offering a much discounted price: a flat fee of $150.00 per course.

The University seeks to provide a Prospectus for each course so that prospective students have a well-informed idea of the nature and requirements of our courses. A Prospectus, however, is a generalized syllabus. A formal course syllabus is made available for each course when the semester begins. A registered student may drop a course with a 100% refund of tuition if the student officially withdraws (drops) a course prior to the first day of classes of the semester (May 24) or during the Late Registration (Add/Drop) Period as noted in the Academic Calendar.

THL 135 Life, Ministry and Teachings of Jesus


This course covers the life, ministry, and teachings of Jesus Christ as presented in the four gospels. Emphasis is on the analysis of the four gospels in the context of the social, political, and religious conditions of the first century. Upon completion, students should be able to explain the background, purpose, message, and themes of the gospels and the significance of Jesus Christ in the first century and beyond. The lecture core of this course is a series of recorded lectures presented by noted television evangelist, author, and pastor of pastors Dr. Roderick C. Meredith.

THL 135S Vida, ministerio y enseñanzas de Jesucristo


Esta materia abarca la vida, el ministerio y las enseñanzas de Jesucristo como es presentada en los cuatro evangelios. El énfasis de la materia se hace en el análisis de los cuatro evangelios en el contexto social, político, y en el análisis de las condiciones religiosas del primer siglo. Una vez cursada la material, el estudiante podrá explicar los antecedentes sociales, el propósito, el mensaje, los temas evangélicos y el significado de la persona de Jesucristo en el primer siglo y en los años siguientes. El centro de las clases son los videos grabados y presentados por el conocido evangelista que preside, presentador del programa de televisión, autor y pastor Dr. Roderick C. Meredith.

THL 438 - Biblical Prophecy II: Minor Prophets


This course focuses on the writings of the minor prophets, including the background, message, purposes and theme of each. Emphasis is upon the essential message and teaching of each book, shaped by the relationship of the individual prophets with the God of Israel, together with their personality and background. Upon completion, students should be able to use analysis tools to read, understand, and explain these biblical writings.