At Living University we not only emphasize the acquisition of intellectual knowledge and skills but seek to provide our students with an educational setting that further develops their emotional maturity, personality and character. These are vital Christian characteristics. 

Generally, we speak of personality as “what’s on the outside” of a person, and character as “what’s on the inside” of a person. Emotional maturity develops hand-in-hand with physical, mental and spiritual growth — the four blending, finally, into the perfect spiritual character which is the true human destiny and the very purpose of life. It can bring very great and rewarding and lasting happiness. To enhance the individual development of character, personality, and true values we foster and maintain an academic community emphasizing individual acquisition of moral, social, ethical, cultural, and spiritual standards. 

We believe that developing character is not simply a matter of knowing what is right; it requires doing what is right! We find that there are three primary ingredients necessary to the development of character. The first is knowledge of what is right and virtuous, the second is habitual practice of what is right and the third is perseverance in doing right—even when facing adversity. It is one thing to practice doing the right thing when it is convenient or even advantageous. It is quite another to do what is right in the midst of stresses and pressures to compromise or to give up. The Apostle Paul explains that "pressure and affliction and hardship produce patient and unswerving endurance. And endurance [fortitude] develops maturity of character—that is approved faith and tried integrity…" (Romans 5:3–4Amplified Bible).