The University offers a variety of online courses and certificate, diploma and degree programs of study. We intend that our courses and programs, for both on-campus residential students and online students worldwide, meet a wide variety of individual student needs. For further details about specific courses or progams please refer to our General Catalog, or continue to navigate this website. PDF copies of recent editions of the General Catalog are below. You may access a complete list of catalogs for downloading or viewing at University Publications. A student who maintains a continuity of enrollment normally may graduate under the requirements of the General Catalog in effect when he or she entered the University as a matriculated student or the General Catalog in effect during the term in which graduating.

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Undergraduate Programs of Study

The University has undergraduate programs of study at the baccalaureate, diploma and certificate levels providing instruction in general education as well as in the arts and sciences, selected business and professional disciplines, and theology.

Degree Programs

The degree programs offered at LU are as follows:

  • The Associate of Arts degree program to provide a broad liberal arts education for students intending to pursue a baccalaureate degree.
  • The Associate of Theology degree program to provide the theological base for leadership, teaching, and ministry within a local church, particularly related to volunteer or bi-vocational service.
  • The Bachelor of Theology degree program to provide the theological base for leadership, teaching, and ministry within a local church, particularly related to volunteer, bi-vocational, or career service.

Diploma Programs

LU's two diploma programs enable students to experience an in-depth study of the Bible and biblically-based Christian topics.

  • The Diploma in Biblical Studies program to provide lay persons the opportunity to grow in their understanding of the Scriptures and to enhance their ability to effectively teach the Scriptures to others.

  • The Diploma in Christian Family Studies program to equip students for successful Christian family life and enables them to help others attain successful Christian marriage, parenting and family life.

Certificate Programs

The University offers certificate programs to prepare students for volunteer or bi-vocational leadership in the Church, for the continuing education of the career ministry and to serve a wide variety of individual needs.

Graduation Requirements

In order to graduate with a degree, diploma or certificate students must meet the following minimum requirements:

  1. Be formally admitted to the University as a matriculated student (Students who have not registered for courses for more than two contiguous semesters, not including summer sessions, must apply for readmission to reactivate their matriculated status).

  2. Have a high school diploma or a GED. A diploma must be one recognized as a high school diploma by the state department of education in the applicant's home state.

  3. Complete the formal requirements of a University approved degree, diploma, or certificate program of study with a minimum 2.00 grade point average for the courses within the prescribed curriculum (matriculated students may view their progress in Populi by accessing the Degree Audit tab on the My Profile screen);

  4. Complete a minimum of 25% of all semester credit hours of coursework in the approved certificate, diploma, or degree program at the University;

  5. Be recommended by the chairperson of the department offering certificate, diploma, or degree major;

  6. Fulfill all financial obligations to the University;

  7. For a degree program take the ETS Proficiency Profile (This is a general education core outcomes assessment for which there is no study guide, see Sample Questions);

  8. Complete an Application for Graduation (Form 009), which must be on file by the mid-term point for graduation that semester, and pay the required graduation fee; and

  9. Complete the appropriate certificate, diploma or degree exit exam.