Academic Records

An official record of a student's courses, credit, and grades earned is kept in the Registrar's Office. Students should maintain records of their courses, credits, and grades each term, and check from time to time to see that their records agree with those of the Registrar.

Census Date

The Census Date, the official day of record used for reporting and administrative purposes, is the 12th class day for the Fall and Spring Semesters, and the fourth class day for the ten-week Summer Session. For the official Census Date for each term refer to the Academic Calendar.

Holding of Records

Student records may be placed on a “Hold” status because of financial or other obligations to the University. The Hold authorizes the University to deny registration, prevent the release of transcripts, and to withhold other services normally provided to the student. A student’s records are held until the obligation is cleared to the satisfaction of the office or department placing the Hold.

Disposition of Records

In the event that Living University discontinues operations, the Registrar will convey all student records to the North Carolina State Archives, Academic Records Division, Raleigh, North Carolina, for permanent storage and disposition.