The Living Church of God has an international membership and ministry and the University provides online educational services to our brethren worldwide. Our programs serve through programs designed to equip students with a sound theological base for leadership, teaching, and ministry within a local church, particularly related to volunteer or bi-vocational service.

Living University is a Christian institution of higher learning, founded at Charlotte, North Carolina on February 27, 2007, as a nonprofit, coeducational institution. As a multipurpose theological institution its emphasis is upon programs in theology but the University also serves its students by providing coursework in general education and in selected arts and sciences and professional disciplines.

The University's commitment is to the development of the whole person through educating men and women in the concepts, skills, and values that lead to success in life, while helping them prepare for leadership and worthwhile service to God and humanity. At the University, the precept that "The Word of God Is the Foundation of Knowledge" forms the basis of our approach to learning, research, public service and student growth and development. 

The University serves the Living Church of God in response to its growing need for university-educated personnel and to further edify its worldwide membership and their families. While our courses and degree, diploma and credential programs are open to the general public, our focus is on the higher educational needs of the Living Church of God. This includes over 350 congregations (about 159 in the USA and 192 internationally) on the order of 50 countries throughout the Americas, the Caribbean and the West Indies, the British Isles, Continental Europe, Africa, Australia and the Pacific Isles, and Asia. The University also serves scattered church members in over 25 countries.

The University has a Board of Regents, charged with setting the broad overall policy for the organization and operation of the institution, and a President, who serves as its chief executive and administrative officer. The University is incorporated as a non-profit corporation pursuant to the laws of the State of North Carolina and tax exempt under §501(c)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code as an educational and religious institution. Contributions to Living University are tax deductible in the manner and to the extent provided by section 170 of the Internal Revenue Code. See Giving to LU.

To learn more about our institution we recommend you look at our Biennial Report for 2016. There we set forth our mission, vision for the University, our program, plans for the future, our finances and other basic information.