Living University is a nonprofit, coeducational institution committed to the development of the whole person by educating men and women in the skills, concepts, and values that lead to success in life, while helping them prepare for leadership and worthwhile service to God and humanity. At the University, the precept that "The Word of God Is the Foundation of Knowledge" forms the basis of our approach to learning, research, public service and student growth and development.

The University has a Board of Regents, charged with setting the broad overall policy for the organization and operation of the institution, and a President, who serves as its chief executive and administrative officer. The University is incorporated as a non-profit corporation pursuant to the laws of the State of North Carolina and tax exempt under §501(c)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code as an educational and religious institution.

The University seeks to provide an educational setting that furthers personality and character development by directing all aspects of student life toward a student's intellectual, physical, social, spiritual and emotional development. In all we do, we challenge each other to fulfill our motto, "Recapture True Values," by demonstrating our core values of leadership, service, commitment, integrity, excellence, culture and innovation.

By means of online distance learning courses the University offers its undergraduate degrees, diplomas and certificates, to a variety of individuals according to their motivation and educational goals. This means of course delivery provides an accessible alternative for students needing to complete courses and programs of study not conforming to traditional fixed academic schedules. It also provides a means for the University to serve students on a global basis through the use of the Populi College Management System. Student response is by means of computer conferencing, electronic bulletin board, e-mail, fax and telephone. The University provides interaction with, and structured access to, faculty members. However, students must be comfortable working independently to complete their distance learning courses.