Welcome to Living University

Living University offers a values-based higher education wherein "The Word of God Is the Foundation of Knowledge." At the University our collective quest is restoring true values in an ever-changing world and applying them in laying the foundation for a better life.


The Spring 2018 semester at Living University will be the last for its curricular programs. As we push further into the 21st century and the laws of the land become more restrictive, it is becoming more difficult for LU to function, especially in the United States. Twenty states currently prohibit us from educating their citizens and we anticipate that number will grow in the future.

In this light, we have been directed to conclude formal operations by the end of the Spring 2018 semester (May 2018).

Admission to degree, diploma and certificate programs are now closed. Students already admitted to these programs may contact the Dean of Faculty (Dr. Scott Winnail) for advisement and counseling.

To speak with a registration and admissions officer (Mrs. Michelle Broussard) call 704-708-2294 or email her at mbroussard@livinguniv.com.

Through the Open Learning Program individuals can enroll in one or more courses without pursuing a certificate, diploma or degree. Who is eligible to enroll? Anyone 18 years of age or older as non-matriculated students in lower division courses (those numbered 100-399) and in selected 400 level online courses. Students can accumulate twenty-four semester hours before having to meet regular admissions requirements. Those seeking to enroll in these courses may register online in a simple procedure by completing the online Application for Admission.

Online course delivery provides an accessible alternative for students needing to complete courses and programs of study not conforming to traditional fixed academic schedules. The design of LU academic programs provides traditional and working adult students with the flexibility they need in balancing family, job, and study.